User Information

The Center for Advanced Research Computing offers a wide variety of user support resources and documentation about our computing systems, how to access them, and how to use them.

Below are the pages and categories in the User Information section of this website.

Getting started at CARC

An introduction to CARC, high-performance computing, and clusters, and information on how to get started with our computing systems. Think of this as a crash-course in everything CARC.

CARC accounts, accessing our systems, and resource allocations

Information on CARC accounts and how you can access our systems, as well as details on the different file systems each account has access to.

User guides

Our most comprehensive user support resource. Our user guides cover everything you'll need to know to use our systems.

Our guides are organized into the following categories:

  • High-performance computing (both Discovery and Endeavour clusters)
  • Data management and transfers
  • Software and programming
  • Project and allocation management in the user portal
  • Hybrid cloud computing
  • Secure computing

Project and resource allocation management via the CARC User Portal

A landing page for the CARC User Portal, where you can manage your projects and computing/storage resources. This page includes links to the user portal and to its user guides.

Online user discussion forum

An online community for discussion and knowledge sharing among users. The user forum is a great resource for discussing CARC-related topics, asking non-urgent technical questions, and sharing ideas. The CARC team monitors the forum for questions, but users are also encouraged to interact with each other.

CARC OnDemand: online access to CARC systems

The new CARC OnDemand service is an online access point that provides users with web access to their CARC /home, /project, and /scratch directories and to the Discovery and Endeavour HPC clusters. CARC OnDemand offers easy file management, command line shell access, and Slurm job management right from your browser.

Information on the Condo Cluster Program (CCP)

CARC's Condo Cluster Program is a service available to USC researchers that require dedicated resources for their work. The CCP gives researchers the convenience of having their own dedicated compute nodes, without the responsibility of purchasing and maintaining the nodes themselves.

Bio resources for analysis

CARC provides ready-to-use reference genomes, protein and nucleotide sequences databases, and other bio resources on the Discovery and Endeavour clusters. These resources can be easily copied and used in your submission scripts for your analysis.

Using USC's Cryo-EM instruments

A user guide for USC's new cryo-electron microscopes (cryo-EM), which are housed at the Core Center for Excellence in Nano Imaging (CNI).

Frequently asked questions about CARC and our systems

An extensive list of answers to your common questions.

User support

A hub for our user support resources. This is where you'll find links to our ticket submission form, IT Services support, and other support resources listed above.

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