CCP Purchase Pricing Model

The traditional system purchase model is a useful option when research groups need to make a bulk purchase using a research grant or departmental budget, and it is also useful for grant proposal budget planning purposes.

Like the annual subscription model, research groups will have exclusive access to the resources they purchase. Principal Investigators (PIs) only need to purchase compute nodes (CPUs and/or GPUs), cables, and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty service. Other equipment and services, including racks, network switches, power and cooling, system support, and machine room operation in our data center, is paid for by the university.

The condo purchase request period opens October 30, 2023 and closes on December 1, 2023.

Compute resources available for purchase

The following table summarizes the CPU and GPU nodes that are available for purchase using the traditional purchase model:

CPU nodes

CPU modelCPU quantityMemoryEstimated price
AMD EPYC 9354 32-core 3.25GHz2384 GB$15K
AMD EPYC 9354 32-core 3.25GHz2768 GB$16K
AMD EPYC 9354 32-core 3.25GHz21.5 TB$19K
AMD EPYC 9554 64-core 3.10GHz2768 GB$19k

GPU nodes

GPU modelGPU memoryGPU quantityCPU modelCPU quantityMemoryEstimated price
L4048 GB2AMD EPYC 9124 16-core 3.00GHz2384 GB$30K
L40S48 GB2AMD EPYC 9124 16-core 3.00GHz2384 GB$36K
L4048 GB4AMD EPYC 9354 32-core 3.25GHz2768 GB$51K
L40S48 GB4AMD EPYC 9354 32-core 3.25GHz2768 GB$63K


Pricing may vary based on market condition and CARC’s equipment purchase price. In addition to the cost of the selected CPU and/or GPU nodes, PIs will be charged for cables, chassis (if necessary), and sales tax. Pricing does not include interconnect hardware, second enclosure (racks), or utility costs for power and cooling, but ITS/CARC will cover the costs of this necessary service and equipment. The PI will not be charged any setup or recurring fees as part of this arrangement for the duration of this agreement, including CARC administrative support costs.

How to request a condo purchase

A condo purchase request is possible during CARC's annual condo purchase request period. The whole process of purchase request, system configuration, vendor selection, purchasing, system installation, and deployment typically takes six months. The purchased resources will be in service for 5 years, and after this service period, CARC will decommission these condo nodes.

PIs use the User Portal to select and purchase their desired condo resources. See the Request New Condo Purchase user guide for detailed instructions.

The condo purchase request period opens October 30, 2023 and closes on December 1, 2023.

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