Ticket Submission

If you're experiencing an issue with system resources or your CARC account, please see the User Guides, User Forum, and Frequently Asked Questions pages for help.

If you're experiencing an issue with your USC NetID or Duo two-factor authentication, or you need help changing your password, please contact USC IT Services.

If you're unable to find a solution to your problem using the above resources, please use the form below to submit a help ticket to the Center for Advanced Research Computing. A CARC team member will contact you for more details.

Information to Include

When submitting your ticket, please include as much information as possible about the problem you're experiencing.

If you're trying to run a job, please include:

  • Job ID
  • Slurm job script
  • Error messages
  • Slurm output or error files
  • Scripts or relevant portions of your code
  • Screenshots
  • Expected vs. actual behavior
  • Did some jobs run on some nodes but not on others?
  • Is the behavior reproducible or erratic?
  • Has the behavior you are experiencing changed recently? When?
  • Steps to reproduce

If you're trying to use or install software, please include:

  • Name and version of the software
  • Error messages
  • Commands that give you an error
  • A link to the website or source code repository for the software
  • A link to the installation directions

If you're requesting a consultation, please include:

  • Your top 3 preferred dates and times to meet
  • The type of consultation you're requesting
  • Any relevant details or specific topics you'd like to discuss

If you're requesting a storage allocation increase, please include:

  • Your project ID
  • Your desired allocation size
  • The reason for your increase

The CARC team will consult with you to determine your storage needs and the total cost.

Please submit your ticket using the form below. Alternatively, you can email us at carc-support@usc.edu.

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