Add Billing Information

While most general-use resources offered by the CARC are free for USC students, faculty, and staff, there are some cases where payment is required. These include resource requests for the Condo Cluster Program (subscription model and purchase model) and requests for project storage that exceeds the 10 TB maximum that each PI receives at no cost.

If you have PI permissions, you can update your default billing information in your user profile, which is accessed by clicking your username in the top right corner of the user portal's header:

ColdFront Add Billing Information

Your billing department and administrator should be for the contact who typically receives invoices and handles payments for your department, school, institute, or research group.

Once you've added billing information to your user profile, this information will be automatically populated in any resource request form that requries billing information.

Note: The CARC typically bills departments for next year's services at the beginning of the USC fiscal year on July 1. It is extremely important that you have your billing information inputted correctly before the new fiscal year begins to avoid any delays in payment processing with your billing department.

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