Software and Programming

CARC provides a large and diverse set of software on our HPC clusters, including various compilers, programming languages, libraries, and applications. Users can also install software of their choosing themselves in one of their directories.

The following guides provide instructions for finding and loading software, building and installing software, as well as using popular applications.

User Guides

  • Software Module System
  • Building Software With CMake
  • Using MPI
  • Using GPUs
  • Using Julia
  • Using Python
  • Using Conda
  • Using R
  • Using Stata
  • Using MATLAB
  • Using Rust
  • Using Launcher
  • Using Singularity
  • Using Tmux
  • Installing Jupyter Kernels
  • Horovod for Distributed Deep Learning
  • Parallel HDF5 for Python
  • Using OpenMP
  • Using Git
  • Compilers and Build Tools
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