Annual Project Review

Last updated February 13, 2023

PIs are required to update review their project information and renew their allocations annually in order to maintain active accounts at CARC. This is a short but extremely important process. If project reviews and renewals are not completed, all users on the project lose access to CARC systems.

Once a year, PIs must:

  • Update their project descriptions and field of science, if necessary
  • Add new publication information
  • Add or update grant information
  • Verify the active users on their projects and remove any that no longer work with them

0.0.1 Project review

If your project requires its yearly review, there is a “Needs Review” alert beside your project’s name on the user portal home page.

The Project Detail page also displays an alert about the project review at the top of the page.

Access the Review Project page by selecting either of these alerts. Submitting your review

The Review Project page includes a summary of the project, the last time publications and grants were updated, and a list of current active users on the project. If this information is still accurate and current, check the box verifying the information and select Submit.

If you have not updated your publications or grant information in the last year, you are required to enter a statement explaining this on the Review Project page. However, grants and publications are not required and do not prevent your account from being renewed.

Once the project review is complete, a green notification banner stating “Project reviewed successfully” displays at the top of the Project Details page. A “project review pending” label appears next to “Project Status”. Review approval

The project review is submitted for review by the CARC director. Once approved, you will once again be able to renew and request new allocations. The “project review pending” label will disappear.

Once you have completed the project review, you must also renew your allocations.

0.0.2 Allocation renewals

All CARC resource allocations typically expire at the end of each fiscal year in June. In order to maintain access to an allocation, PIs must renew the allocation in the CARC user portal.

If a PI does not renew an allocation by the due date, all users in the group will be blocked from running jobs on the cluster that allocation is linked to. Expired allocations cannot be renewed. If your allocation has expired, you must request a new allocation for the resource and go through the approval process again if you wish to have access to the same resource.

If you have an extenuating circumstance making it impossible to renew on time, please submit a help ticket before the expiration date to request an extension.

Paid storage allocations may expire before the end of the fiscal year if the storage warranty expires. Before this date, CARC will purchase a new storage solution and you will have an opportunity to purchase storage on that system. If you decide not to do that, you will need to remove your data off CARC’s network before the old system is retired. We will provide sufficient notice before this occurs. How to renew allocations

  1. Select the yellow “expires in __ days” label next to the allocation on the Home page or the Project Details page.
  1. On the Allocation Detail page, select the yellow “expires in __ days” label next to “End Date”.
  1. A list displays of all users on the allocation. Choose whether to keep them active, remove them from only the allocation, or remove them from your project altogether.
  1. When renewing a paid allocation (e.g., an Endeavour condo subscription), additional information on the renewal page regarding the terms of the allocation and the cost are displayed. Renewing a paid allocation oblligates you to pay for that resource for another year.
  1. Select the Submit button. Your request for renewal is sent to CARC staff. The allocation status changes to “Renewal Requested” in red on the user portal home page and the Project Detail page.

Once the renewal is approved by CARC staff, the status changes to “Active” in green. The “End Date” displayed on the Allocation Detail page shows one year from the date of renewal.