Last updated July 07, 2023

COMSOL is a multiphysics software suite that allows simulation of real-world designs, devices, and processes, from geometry to postprocessing. Comsol Multiphysics version 5.6 is currently available on CARC’s Discovery and Endeavour systems. The users can access this software either by loading the corresponding module:

module load comsol/5.6

The other approach is using the CARC OnDemand service. In order to access CARC OnDemand, users need an active Discovery or Endeavour allocation. If they are on campus, they need to be connected to the Secure USC Network and if they are off campus be connected to the USC VPN.

To access the GUI, in the top menu choose Interactive Apps > COMSOL.

Then configure the job and launch it (the required items are shown in red).

Please note that the maximum allocation time with CARC OnDemand is 8 hours. The users can set up their simulations and fine-tune their setup. After that, a Slurm job should be submitted for calculation requiring a longer computation time.

0.0.1 Licenses

Currently, all CARC users have access to 2 seats/concurrent users for “Comsol Multiphysics”, “CFD”, and “Heat Transfer” Modules without any costs. If these licenses are occupied, the users will receive a license error message. If you would like to bring your own license, please submit a help ticket and we will discuss the process with you.

0.0.2 Additional resources

If you have questions about or need help with COMSOL, please submit a help ticket and we will assist you.