Last updated February 13, 2023
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CARC provides a set of ready-to-use reference sequences and annotations for commonly analyzed organisms in a directory accessible from the Discovery and Endeavour clusters.

The reference genomes are sourced from iGenomes, a project by Illumina to provide ready-to-use genome assemblies and annotations from Ensembl, NCBI, and UCSC. Each genome directory contains index files of the whole genome for use with the BWA, Bowtie, and Bowtie2 aligners.

Use the widget below to access the data in this database. Use the filter in the top right corner to narrow down the results. Once you have found the item you need, simply select it and the directory path will be copied to your clipboard. Paste the path in your submission scripts to use in your analysis. If you would like to see the path displayed in the widget, select the Detailed View option.