CARC OnDemand Overview

Last updated July 12, 2023

CARC’s OnDemand service provides users graphical, browser-based access to the Discovery and Endeavour HPC clusters and their /home1, /project, /cryoem2, and /scratch1 directories. OnDemand offers:

  • Easy file management
  • Command line shell access
  • Slurm job submission and management
  • Interactive applications, including Jupyter notebooks and RStudio Server

OnDemand is available to all CARC users. To access OnDemand, you must belong to an active project in the CARC user portal.

CARC OnDemand will only be accessible via a connection to either USC’s Secure network or a USC VPN. Instructions for setting up a VPN connection can be found at the following links:

Log in to CARC OnDemand

We recommend using OnDemand in a private browser to avoid potential permissions issues related to your browser’s cache. If you’re using a private browser and still encounter permissions issues, please submit a help ticket.

0.0.1 Use cases

OnDemand has a number of use cases that are not available with the traditional command-line interface to HPC resources:

  • File management with a graphical interface
  • Text editing with a graphical interface
  • Shell access with a web browser
  • Slurm job submission with a graphical interface
  • Interactive use of graphical apps
  • Development of code and notebooks with JupyterLab
  • Development of R code and notebooks with RStudio Server
  • Development of code with VS Code
  • High-performance and interactive data visualization

0.0.2 Additional resources