CARC User Portal

Last updated September 06, 2023

User Portal Login

Introduction to the CARC User Portal video

The CARC user portal is how users manage their projects and allocations on CARC systems. Projects and allocations on the general-use Discovery cluster, the Endeavour condo cluster, and the Artemis private cloud platform are managed in the CARC user portal.

The CARC user portal uses ColdFront, an open source resource allocation management tool developed by the University at Buffalo’s Center for Computational Research. This tool allows users to request and manage the access they and their students or collaborators have to the resources in CARC’s data center.

The user portal handles the management of 3 components: projects, allocations, and resources. The graphic below shows how these components interact on CARC systems: Projects

  • All USC faculty & staff members can have at least one project
  • Each project has a description, field of research, grants, publications, and allocations to resources Allocations

  • Allocations indicate what resources you have access to and any limits associated with that access
  • All CARC resources require an allocation
  • Allocations expire either by date or when a limit is reached - this information varies per allocation and is available when you log in to the user portal Resources

  • CARC has multiple distinct resources to track
  • Resources include: clusters, department/lab servers, software licenses, storage, and clouds
  • Some resources have limits (e.g., storage has a limit of GB/TB, licenses have a limit of seats available)

For detailed information on the types of allocations available and managing your project, see the Project and Allocation Management pages.