Project and Allocation Management

Last updated November 09, 2023

Research conducted on CARC systems is managed in the CARC user portal through projects and allocations. Principal Investigators (PIs) do not automatically have access to CARC resources. To get started, PIs must create a project and request a resource allocation for it. These guides cover project and allocation setup, managing projects, and annual project reviews.

PhD-level researchers, which include faculty, research staff, and postdocs (but not PhD students), are eligible for PI status, which is required for project creation and allocation requests. If you’re eligible for PI status, the CARC user portal will recognize this when you log in and you will automatically be granted PI permissions.

If you believe you’re eligible for PI status but this isn’t reflected in the CARC user portal, please submit a help ticket.

0.0.1 Allocation Overview

An overview of the different types of allocations.

0.0.2 Create a New Project

Detailed instructions on creating a new project in the CARC user portal.

0.0.3 Request a New Allocation

Detailed instructions on requesting a new allocation in the CARC user portal. This is the next step after creating a project.

0.0.4 Manage Users on Projects

Information on adding and removing users from projects and allocations.

0.0.5 Modify a Project

Information on modifying projects, including changing email notifications, adding billing information, grants, and publications, and granting manager access.

0.0.6 Annual Project Review

Details and step-by-step instructions for reviewing projects and renewing allocations.