Terms and Conditions of Service

Last updated June 26, 2023
Table of Contents

The following are the terms and conditions for using Artemis. All users must abide by these terms and conditions while using Artemis.

→ Availability  

CARC cannot guarantee any specific availability rates. CARC staff will notify users of any scheduled or emergency infrastructure maintenance that will affect availability.

→ Pricing  

At this time, there is no cost associated with Artemis. Principal investigators will be responsible for covering costs at a later date. CARC staff will notify users when their virtual machines will begin to incur costs.

→ Data  

Artemis is not authorized for use with sensitive data, such as data that requires HIPAA- or FISMA-compliant services. If a user requires support and/or storage for sensitive data, they must notify CARC prior to accessing Artemis. For more information, see our Secure Computing Compliance Overview.

→ Security and compliance  

Security and compliance is a responsibility shared by USC, CARC, and the user. USC & CARC will be responsible for protecting the Artemis infrastructure, including the hardware, networks, and facilities that run Artemis. The user assumes responsibility and management of the operating system and associated application software.

→ Disaster recovery  

Artemis is not backed up outside of USC and has no disaster recovery available. Customers who require disaster recovery are advised to back up critical data elsewhere (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google).

→ Acceptable use of service  

These terms and conditions will remain in effect for the duration of the service period unless otherwise mutually agreed upon in writing by CARC and the user. The user agrees to comply with all policies and procedures that govern the use of CARC resources, as well as all USC computing policies. Information on CARC and USC policies can be found on the CARC website.

→ Service period  

Artemis will be maintained by CARC and made available for CARC users until further notice. If services are to be changed or terminated, CARC staff will notify users with ample time to back up and transfer their data.