Condo Cluster Program

Last updated March 04, 2024

The Condo Cluster Program (CCP) is a service available to USC researchers who require dedicated resources for their work. The CCP gives researchers the convenience of having their own dedicated compute nodes, without the responsibility of purchasing and maintaining the nodes themselves. Compute nodes leased through the CCP form CARC’s Endeavour condo cluster, a high-performance computing cluster similar to CARC’s general use cluster, Discovery.

The CCP operates on two different models—an annual subscription model and a traditional system purchase model—to provide researchers with flexible and efficient options for their resources.

0.0.1 Traditional purchase model

Information on the traditional system purchase model.

0.0.2 Request New Condo Purchase

Instructions for requesting a CCP system purchase.

0.0.3 Annual subscription model

Information on the annual subscription-based model, which allows research groups to subscribe to their selected number of compute nodes on a yearly basis.

0.0.4 Request New Condo Subscription

Instructions for requesting a CCP subscription.