Request New Condo Subscription

Last updated March 06, 2024

Endeavour is CARC’s condo cluster, as part of the Condo Cluster Program (CCP). The CCP allows research groups to subscribe to their selected number of compute nodes on a yearly basis. The resources that a research group subscribes to will be dedicated for use by their condo job queue. See CARC’s Condo Cluster Program page for details.

CARC also offers a traditional, five-year purchase model for condo resources. See the Request New Condo Purchase user guide for more information.

0.0.1 Subscription term

Subscription terms last for one year and operate on the university’s fiscal year schedule, i.e., subscriptions start on July 1. Due to limitations with the administration of annual budgets by USC departments, CARC is unable to offer multi-year subscription terms. However, at the end of the subscription term, researchers will be prompted to renew their subscription or discontinue access to their resources. In the case of renewal, researchers will have the option to increase or decrease the size of their compute pool.

Subscriptions can be started at any point during the year, but they typically begin at the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1) for the most efficient billing process. If a subscription starts at the beginning of the fiscal year, CARC will bill for the full year’s cost on July 1. If a subscription is started at a different point in the year, CARC will immediately bill an amount prorated from the date the subscription starts until the end of that fiscal year (June 30). CARC will bill the department associated with the user account of the PI who requested the subscription. For instructions on how to add billing information to your account, see the Modify a Project user guide.

0.0.2 Requesting an allocation

Subscriptions are requested in the CARC user portal much in the same way as regular Discovery allocations are requested.

In the user portal, click on the name of the project that you are requesting a subscription for to be taken to that project’s Project Detail page:

To request a new subscription for a resource, click on the green Request Resource Allocation button on the Project Detail page.

You will then be taken to the Request a New Allocation page:

Select Endeavour (Cluster Partition) - Condo Subscription as your resource and provide a justification for access to that resource. Your justification should include information on how you’ll be using the resource and how many CPU/service unit hours you anticipate needing to use.

Select the type of nodes you’d like to subscribe to, as well as the number of nodes. If required, select the users on your project to which you’d like to grant access to this allocation.

You’ll have to read the Terms and Conditions before completing your request. If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at before submitting your request.

Click the Submit button when done. Allocation Status: New

Your allocation will now display on your Project Detail page with a status of “New”. Allocation Status: Active

Once verified and approved by CARC, the status will be changed to “Active” and you will have access to that resource for your project:

0.0.3 Project Review

If you have not completed a project review in the last 365 days, you will be required to do this before requesting any allocations. You will see this error:

More information about the project review process can be found here.

0.0.4 PIs with departmental clusters

If you would like a colleague to have access to your resource, please submit a help ticket to request this. It’s important that you let CARC know if that colleague is allowed to add users from their research group to your cluster. You will not be able to see any allocations or users that are added if this access is given.