Create New Project

Last updated March 04, 2024

Every Principal Investigator (PI) should have at least one project. Some PIs may require additional projects depending on their roles at USC. Anyone teaching classes should create a separate project for each course taught; these projects can be reused each semester. Work utilizing CARC clusters that is performed outside a PI’s general research area should have a separate project. This includes student research projects, which can be created as separate projects with a graduate student project (GSP) allocation.

0.0.1 Creating a new project

Once you’ve logged into the user portal, create a new project by selecting the Project menu tab. In the drop-down, select Project.

On the following page, select the blue Add a project button.

0.0.2 Project details

Fill out the 4 fields with information about your project:

  • Title:
    • The title of your project should be concise, but descriptive of the work being done. Avoid titles such as “My project” or “Project 1”.
  • Description:
    • The description should include a brief summary of the work that is being done, as well as the project’s goal.
  • Field of science:
    • This drop-down list was taken from the National Science Foundation (NSF). If your field is not listed, please choose “Other”.
  • Cluster Type:
    • Discovery/Endeavour: Discovery and Endeavour are CARC’s high-performance computing clusters. Discovery is the general use, free, shared cluster, and Endeavour is the condo cluster. Most projects will use Discovery, but both clusters are considered as one cluster type in the user portal.

0.0.3 Billing information

The fields in the Billing section are automatically filled in from the billing information associated with your account as a PI. If this information hasn’t been added to your account previously, complete the fields when creating a new project.

Billing information must be inputted to create your project, but you will only be billed if your project utilizes paid resources (e.g., condo resources, project storage in excess of the 10 TB you receive for free).

After inputting billing information, select the Save button.

0.0.4 Project Detail page

All of your project information is now displayed on the Project Detail page.

Entering publication and grant information is not required to get started. However, it is required to update this information during your annual project review.

The next step is to request an allocation to a resource. If you have other researchers working on your project, you can also add users to your project.