Artemis Private Cloud

Last updated July 10, 2023

Artemis is CARC’s private, on-premises cloud computing platform. Artemis complements existing CARC systems and services (Discovery and Endeavour clusters, file systems, etc.) by offering researchers access to virtual machines (VMs) on which they can run alternative operating system environments and deploy resources. Built on OpenNebula, Artemis provides a variety of virtual machines (VMs) and microVMs for our users.

0.0.1 Artemis Overview

The basics on how Artemis was built and what features it offers.

0.0.2 Getting Started with Artemis

Everything you need to know to start using Artemis, including requesting an allocation, logging in, and quotas.

0.0.3 Virtual Machine Management

Learn how to check your VM’s status and modify it, as needed.

0.0.4 Firecracker MicroVMs

Information on which microVM templates are available on Artemis.

0.0.5 Storage Management on Artemis

Information on how to access your CARC storage via Artemis.

0.0.6 Artemis Use Cases

Some common uses of our cloud computing platform.

0.0.7 Terms and Conditions of Service

Important information on how to use Artemis properly.