Advanced HPC Programming

Last updated March 02, 2023

The Center for Advanced Research Computing’s (CARC) general use high-performance computing cluster, Discovery, and the Endeavour condo cluster have been set up with a selection of software, compilers, and libraries for your use.

The following user guides provide instructions for using some of the more common programming languages, as well as using MPI and OpenMP for parallel programming.

0.0.1 Programming languages

A list of commonly-used programming languages and their use in high-performance computing.

0.0.2 GPU programming

Learn how to use CARC’s GPUs for specialized scientific computing work.

0.0.3 Using MPI

Getting started using the Message Passing Interface (MPI), a message-passing standard used in parallel programming.

0.0.4 OpenMP

Information on how to use OpenMP for parallel programming.