CARC OnDemand

Last updated July 12, 2023

CARC’s OnDemand service provides users graphical, browser-based access to the Discovery and Endeavour HPC clusters and their /home1, /project, /cryoem2, and /scratch1 directories. The following guides provide information on how to get started using the OnDemand service.

0.0.1 CARC OnDemand Overview

Get familiar with what CARC OnDemand offers and the best use cases for it.

0.0.2 Data Management

Learn how to use the web-based file explorer to upload, download, and manage data.

0.0.3 Running Jobs with CARC OnDemand

Instructions on how to use the Active Jobs and Job Composer tools.

0.0.4 Shell Access

Learn how to SSH into Discovery, Endeavour, and the data transfer node using CARC OnDemand.

0.0.5 Interactive Apps

A list of the available apps on CARC OnDemand and how to use them.