HPC Systems

Last updated November 09, 2023

High-performance computing (HPC) aggregates the resources from individual computers (known as nodes) into a cluster that works together to perform advanced, specialized computing jobs. The Center for Advanced Research Computing launched its general-purpose high-performance computing cluster, Discovery, in August 2020. Shortly after, the dedicated resource cluster, Endeavour, was launched in December 2020. For more information on HPC, see our High-Performance Computing page.

0.0.1 Discovery

Discovery is CARC’s general-purpose HPC cluster, and it is free to use for all CARC users. Any CARC user, including Condo Cluster Program users, can use Discovery.

0.0.2 Endeavour

Endeavour is CARC’s condo HPC cluster. As part of the Condo Cluster Program (CCP), researchers can lease or subscribe to their own dedicated compute nodes. The CCP gives researchers the convenience of having their own dedicated compute nodes, without the responsibility of purchasing and maintaining the nodes themselves.

0.0.3 Artemis

Artemis is CARC’s on-premises private cloud computing platform. It gives researchers access to virtual machines on which they can run alternative operating system environments and deploy resources.

0.0.4 Using Our HPC systems

Information on job management with Slurm is located here.

0.0.5 Software

A list of commonly-used software used in high-performance computing.