Grant Development Support

Last updated March 06, 2024

The primary mission of the Center for Advanced Research Computing will always be to support USC researchers in their work. To that end, CARC offers assistance to researchers who are seeking funding in the form of external grants from research centers and federal agencies, such as the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

In addition to providing computing resources, CARC can directly assist researchers with the grant proposal process. CARC will gladly provide letters of support for grant proposals from researchers who have utilized CARC resources in their research projects. To discuss letters of support, data management plans, facilities and resources documents, or hardware quotes for your grant, please contact us at

0.0.1 Information about CARC facilities and resources

As part of the Information Technology Services (ITS) department, CARC resources are housed within the ITS data center and monitored 24/7. Basic resources are available at no cost to USC researchers.

CARC resources include a large-scale HPC cluster system with around 1,500 compute nodes (totaling around 45,000 cores) connected via a 200 gigabits-per-second (Gbps) InfiniBand NDR low-latency interconnection network, and more than 10 petabytes of combined disk storage in four file systems. These 1,500 compute nodes make up the Discovery general-use cluster (about 500 nodes) and the Endeavour condo cluster (about 900 nodes). Among the nodes, around over 200 of them are equipped with graphics processing units (GPUs) to support accelerated computational simulations as well as advanced data science analysis.

If you are submitting a grant proposal for research that will utilize CARC resources, you will likely require some background information about CARC’s resources and facilities. You are welcome to use the following document in your proposal:

Description of Facilities and Resources (March 2023)

0.0.2 Acknowledging CARC in your publications

All forms of publication, including web pages, resulting from work done using CARC resources should include the following citation:

The authors acknowledge the Center for Advanced Research Computing (CARC) at the University of Southern California for providing computing resources that have contributed to the research results reported within this publication. URL: